Welcome to European Dental Society. Our organization works hard to empower collaboration, education, mobility and business between dentists and dental professionals through all the European countries (UK included). We are based in Valencia (Spain) and we provide support and contacts for the organization of dental initiatives in Spain, Italy and UK. We also provide support to dental students and mutual promotion for international dental healthcare congresses. For more information please check our Facebook Group European Dental Society or contact our friendly staff at [email protected]

We are an international society that works to develop and spread in all the world the knowledge of microscoping in dentistry. We work to create a new discipline that can be taught in all the universities of the world for the birth of a new way of to do dentistry. Visit:

Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry (PAID) was founded in 1993 & since then has evolved and established itself as the leading Implantology Education/Training Platform both Nationally and Internationally.

Name: 4th  Meeting of the International Association for Dental Research, Asia Pacific Region (IADR-APR 2019).

Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Dates: 28-30 November 2019

Expected attendance: 800 research scientists, academics, dentists and oral health experts from the Asia-Pacific region